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Organization Management System (OMS)

About Us

The Educational Services Department is committed to providing support to meet the needs of our diverse learners. We work together with our school staff to ensure our students receive a quality instructional program focusing on the core curriculum, and receive the services needed to succeed as individuals. Some of the programs we offer include additional academic support, behavioral support, language support, enrichment in the arts. In addition, we work collaboratively with our community partnerships to provide quality services to our community.

Our department provides our administrators and teachers with the training they need to successfully address the needs of our students, including those of English Learners, students needing special services, as well as students who have been identified as gifted and/or high achieving.

California Department of Education Content Standards

Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement

The Board of Education believes that grades serve a valuable instructional purpose by helping students and parents/guardians identify the student's areas of strength and those areas needing improvement as it relates to academic achievement.

Board Policy - Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement

Administrative Regulation - Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievment

Grading Policy

Homework Policy

Make Up Work Policy

Achievement Policy

California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS)

The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) is a powerful tool for use in grades 5-12 that can help schools and districts accurately identify areas of student and school strengths and weaknesses, and address related needs. It is a comprehensive data-driven decision-making process used to guide efforts toward improving school climate, learning supports and engagement, as well as identifying and increasing the quality of effective health, prevention, and youth development programs.


Samples of surveys implemented below:


Elementary School:

Elementary School Student CHKS (English)

Elementary School Student CHKS (Bilingual)

Middle School:

Middle School Student CHKS (English)

Middle School Student CHKS (Spanish)

High School:

High School Student CHKS (English)

High School Student CHKS (Spanish)


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Contact Information


Dr. Ruben Zepeda, II
Assistant Superintendent
Secondary Education
[email protected]  
 (831) 645-1212

Dr. Laurie Bloom-Sweeeny
Assistant Superintendent
Elementary Education
[email protected]  
(831) 645-1217

Stella Kumagai
Teacher on Special Assignment,  BTSA
[email protected]  
 (831) 645-1214

English Learner/Intervention Coordinator

Teresa Roman Brunson
Prevention & Counseling Services
[email protected] 
(831) 645-1289

Lisa Lopez-McClelland
AVID Coordinator

[email protected]

(831) 392-3824

Tanya Kelley
Director, Elementary Education

[email protected]

Lisa Lopez-McClelland
Director, Secondary Education

[email protected]

District Academic Coordinator for Mathematics
Intervention & Spec. Programs
Kathieryn Medina
Executive Secretary II
Secondary Education
[email protected]
(831) 645-1212

Cruz Trotter
Administrative Secretary
Elementary Education       
[email protected] 
(831) 645-1217

Rochelle Cardinalli
Program Secretary - Curriculum & Instruction
[email protected]
(831) 645-1218

Program Secretary - Professional Development